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A3IP, electronic design office created in Nantes in 2003 by electronics and new technologies enthusiasts, offers you tailor-made electronic solutions which give you the assurance of a guaranteed result, efficient support, development costs optimization, proven experience in advanced electronics and embedded software as well as a flexible and human scale structure.






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designed, manufactured and assembled in France

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Your are …

An enterprise, a research laboratory, reseller or distributor, a school…

You need …

to make your ideas come true, outsource a development, outsource the creation, integrate web services or develop applications…

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We make your projects and ideas come true

• In-depth expertise of your needs (feasability study)
• Study and supply of one or more prototypes
• Standardization according to your product’s specificities
• Production in small, medium or large series

Our technologies meet all your needs

• Microcontrollers, processor, DSP, FPGA…
• Bus : VME, I2C, SPI, RS485, CAN, USB…
• Communication : LoRa, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Wifi, GPRS/3G/4G, Zigbee…
• Embedded Web Services web : web, Sql, mail…
• Programming : assembler, C, C++, Java, scripts, web technologies…
• Embedded Linux
• Ultra low power electronics
• Autonomous sensors

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études de faisabilité

You don’t know all the technical constraints?
Is your product within your budgets?
We carry out feasibility a study for you. We will discuss your needs, perform the feasibility study and propose several technical solutions.
We also provide you a budget estimate of the final product.


You have just completed a feasibility study whose findings satisfy you, or you already defined your requirements specification? We can then carry out the study of your product. We take charge of everything until the delivery of the desired number of prototypes:

  • Design of theoretical schematics
  • Routing of electronic boards
  • Manufacture of printed circuits
  • Component supply
  • Prototype wiring and manufacturing
  • Application or embedded software development with or without OS

You want your products to be EMC tested? During the design phase, we do everything possible to ensure that these tests are just a formality, but if small modifications are required, we will take care of them. At the end of this phase, the product can be mass-produced and we can give you the complete study report:

  • Electronic board schematics and routing
  • Files necessary for the printed circuits manufacturing
  • Components layout diagrams
  • Bills of material
fabrication production

You entrust us with your products’ manufacturing.
According your needs, we select among our partners the one who will match you the best in terms of price and delivery time.
When we are in charge of your products’ production, we can help you to perpetuate them by modifying your boards’ BOMs to face supply difficulties or components’ obsolescence.

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designed, manufactured and assembled in France

Solution of expert instrumentation which allows non-destructive testing (NDT) of structures. These controls apply to the domains of the city, civil engineering, engineering structures, roads, water networks and allow to know displacement, deformation, vibration, acoustics, fissurometry, pollution…

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E-FAN is a project initially introduced at the BOURGET 2013 air show on which A3IP collaborated from the beginning of the study. The objective was to develop a 100% electric two-seater aircraft. The plane was a success… Its first flight took place in March 2014 with a flight lasting one hour. A3IP provided the battery power management system of the aircraft essential for this project completion.

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